Why call Plyler Law?

Matthew R. Plyler is a native North Carolinian who has been practicing law in Fayetteville since 1993. The firm emphasizes individualized one-on-one attention and service. Each client receives personalized representation and genuine concern for his or her best interest.

Q: What should I expect from an attorney?

A: At the Plyler Law Firm, we recognize that to each client, his or her case is the single most important case in the firm, whether it is a multi-million dollar construction dispute or medical malpractice case or a person’s first traffic ticket. We recognize the value of our clients’ time, the importance of keeping clients informed, and the value of simple courtesy. When a client leaves a telephone message, he or she can rest assured that the call will be returned as soon as possible. While many people providing a “service” to clients seem to forget the “service” part, at the Plyler Law Firm, we remember. The client is not there to serve the attorney, but rather the attorney is there to serve the client.

We appreciate the trust that our clients have placed in our hands and strive to continue to earn their ongoing confidence.

Q: What types of cases does the firm handle?

A: The Plyler Law Firm is a general practice with an emphasis on certain areas of practice. Matthew Plyler regularly represents individuals who have suffered serious injuries resulting from automobile and truck accidents, premises liability and medical malpractice. The practice also emphasizes business and corporate law, construction law, insurance disputes, traffic, and wills.

Q: I did not know you handle personal injury law. Why haven't I seen your ad on TV until recently?

A: Although I have successfully practiced personal injury law for a number of years, few people are aware of it because I have only recently started advertising my practice on TV. I have long relied upon reputation and word-of-mouth, as a referral from a former or current client has always had more value in conveying what I can do than any advertising could ever achieve. Advertising and marketing, however, have their value and are important in educating the public about what services an attorney offers. I also hope my ads may help prevent a person from signing away their valuable legal rights before they have had the opportunity to consult with an attorney.

Q: Is reputation important when searching for an attorney?

A: Yes. Insurance companies and defense attorneys are aware of whether an attorney has a reputation for quickly settling a case, even if the offer is less than its reasonable value, or whether an attorney is willing to pursue litigation when an offer is inadequate. The knowledge that Matthew Plyler is willing to take the next step if an offer is too low often results in fair settlements. Obviously, all parties concerned are better off if a settlement can be reached out-of-court, but each case is prepared as if it is going to go to trial. By doing so, the insurance adjusters know that we are ready and willing to stand up for our clients. We always strive to achieve the best results possible.

Q: Do you charge for initial consultations?

A: The Plyler Law Firm does not charge for initial consultations on personal injury cases, medical malpractice cases, premises liability cases, or wrongful death. In such cases, I meet with the client to discuss the facts and injuries. By doing so, I am able to evaluate the case based on my own personal perceptions and experience. On most of these cases, the case is handled on a contingency fee basis, which means that the client does not pay any attorney’s fees unless we obtain a judgment or settlement from the offending party. On all other cases, fees for initial consultations are handled on a case-by-case basis which may be addressed when the meeting is scheduled.

Q: How much does representation cost?

A: As addressed above, most personal injury cases, medical malpractice cases, premises liability cases, and wrongful death cases are handled on a contingency fee basis, which means that the client does not pay any attorney’s fees unless we obtain a judgment or settlement from the offending party. Most other matters are handled on an hourly fee basis, although the Plyler Law Firm will utilize alternative billing methods when appropriate. These may include contingency fees, flat fees, and hybrid fee arrangements including both a flat fee/contingency fee basis.

Is there an advantage to choosing a law firm that practices in multiple areas of law?

A: I believe that there is, as no area of law exists in a vacuum. Often the biggest steps forward are achieved when application from one discipline of law is expanded to include another. The people who are pushing these advancements are often coming from firms practicing in multiple areas of law. The judge hearing a case does not live in an isolated world, nor do I limit my practice to only one area of law either.

Q: How can I schedule an appointment?

A: You should feel free to call me, Matthew Plyler, at (910) 483-4LAW (4529).


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